I blog on all matters nature, outdoors and mental health and mind fitness - basically all things that are truly good for us and make us feel fantastic - as well as elements of motherhood and plant based living.  I decided to start the blog after a long period of debilitating and life altering pain and eventual spinal surgery in my neck, about all that I was learning in the hope that it would resonate with others and to be of service. 

I also blog on the Psychologies magazine's Life Labs platform and for Devon Wildlife Trust.  

Engage me to write inspiring blog posts around nature, the outdoors and mindfulness, do get in touch if you are interested and we can chat about it at clarecremona@gmail.com or connect.

Real comments on my blog:

"I love your words and your courage to say them." JB

"Your blog resonates very deeply with me." JW

"Inspirational, thank you for sharing of yourself." MF