"I enjoyed doing mindfulness with Clare because at the start of the lesson I'd feel busy but by the end I felt really relaxed and calm. I use mindfulness now to get to sleep as I am focused on my breath and I have learned to be in the present moment. I would really recommend mindfulness." Esme, Year 5 Pupil and graduate of the Programme.

Wildness and Wellness offers the Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme: 16 lessons of 1 hour typically delivered over 8 weeks. Aimed at 7-11 year olds, with a strong emphasis on experiential learning.  The first 6 lessons focus on cultivating the foundations of mindfulness: intention, attention and attitude.  As the course progresses, children then learn to cultivate gratitude; resilience; how to handle difficult thoughts and emotions; and finally develop kindness towards themselves and others.  Importantly, the key foundations of mindfulness i.e. paying attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity and warmth - are continually strengthened throughout all 16 lessons. 

Children who have participated in the Programme report that they feel calmer, more confident and able to handle difficult emotions when they arise.  There is ever increasing and strong *scientific evidence for mindfulness having a positive impact on children's mental health and wellbeing and their ability to manage their behaviour, with improved teamwork and increased social and emotional skills as well as their self esteem.  There is an increasing recognition that the so called 'soft skills' are in fact 'power skills' for life.

* Professor Katherine Weare's (University of Southampton and Exeter) review of the evidence for 'Mindfulness in Schools for Children and Young People'.  Professor Weare calls mindfulness 'the WD40 of education' going in everywhere and oiling the machine. 

As well as teaching the Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme, Clare can deliver tailored in school sessions around mindfulness and learning in the outdoors. 

Please find out more by contacting Clare who can answer your questions and send you a sample lesson plan to give you a flavour of the Programme. See also https://youthmindfulness.org/ which gives more detail on the benefits and science behind mindfulness and this Programme.

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Children at Blackawton Primary School enjoying a lying down practice in the school grounds

Children at Blackawton Primary School enjoying a lying down practice in the school grounds